Our scientific formula of success is very easy: ISVRQOC!

Doesn’t make sense? Yes, it does!:



We believe in the old wisdom of „less is more“. Our ingredients lists are short and sweet. We don’t like funny-sounding ingredients. Preservatives, artificial colours or fillers are a no-no. Chocolate should not contain anything a four-year old kid cannot pronounce. And yes, we do test this sometimes.


Naturally perfect. We strive to be as natural as possible. Almost all of our chocolates are certified organic according to EU regulations.



BLÖMBOOM does not only offer a vast variety of flavours pleasing all sorts of chocolate lovers. We do have a lot of packaging options, too. We have great gift tins, refill-boxes for reducing our ecologic footprint and a fantastic selection of foodservice options.


We support Chimfunshi, one of the largest sanctuaries for chimpanzees in the north of Zambia. Chimfunshi rescues animals in need and offers them a safe environment. We do not only support the fosterage of the apes, but also the training and education of the staff and their children.



Our mass is class. The cocoa bean mainly consists of cocoa mass and cocoa butter. Two precious ingredients, but only the cocoa mass is coming with flavour. That’s why we like to use less cocoa butter and more of this good stuff.


We like to know where our ingredients come from. Our cocoa beans mainly grow on farms in Ecuador and Tanzania, the cane sugar is from Paraguay. That’s how we make sure to maintain the highest quality level and the great taste.


Cocoa content

For a fully flavoured and rich chocolate we believe in the right mix. BLÖMBOOM is a guarantee for a very high cocoa content and for the absence of artificial flavours. More cocoa means less sugar. Across all flavours, we use about 45% of cocoa, that’s much more than the average chocolate on the market contains.