About us

Most people sooner or later bin their childhood ambitions. We don’t even waste time thinking about it. Quite the contrary: We always wanted to live on the chocolate side of life and go all the way to achieve that. Sometimes we find it irritating that there are still some people out there who never even tried our chocolate. But then again, our sample storage also needs to be refilled. We have a great talent in convincing ourselves that our absurdly excessive “batch testing” is just part of our job. However, we are not joking around when it comes to the quality of our chocolate: Simply the best. And above this simple rule towers the marble smile of our monkey mascot.

Mission Statement

Blömboom means „monkeylicious“ in some mysterious language, that is still waiting for discovery somewhere. Thanks god we have found the right chocolate already. Our cocoa beans grow on organic farms in South America. We really want you to enjoy them, so we use plenty of those in our chocolate. We show off our chocolate ratios whenever we can. More is more, after all. Why should we be shy about it? That would be kind of apish indeed.